I've bought this top to wear it on christmas eve, what do you think? :)


Downton Abbey actresses in Marie Claire.

Image source - dailymail.

I love the British series Downton Abbey and in the latest issue of Marie Claire some of the actresses from the series are featured in a photoshoot. I really like the clothes they are wearing! Especially the gold pants and the star dress.



Glittering silver.

Sweater-H&M, Skirt (actually a dress) -Cubus and Bracelet-Gina Tricot.

I bought this silverdoe a few days ago, isn't it cute?! I think it is the perfect christmas decoration.


Just nu.

Pictures: oraclefox.blogspot.com

How perfect are these pics and clothes?!

Right now I feel very happy. Maybe because I have great plans for this weekend and the next. Maybe beacause I saw Tintin in the cinema last night and fell in love with the movie. Or maybe because I am listening to great music right now. Anyway, I love this feeling.


Dance like no one is watching.

Picture - Kayture.
A transparent black shirt over a silver sequin bra, this is how I would like to dress for a friday night out, love it!


Eleven times five.

This Wednesday I was wearing a top and a belt from H&M, a cardigan from Lindex, a ring from Glitter and a bracelet from Gina Tricot.

Today it is the 11th of November 2011, so I had to publish this post at 11.11, eleven times five :)
I hope you'll have a great Friday!



pics - http://what-do-i-wear.tumblr.com/

This hasn't been the best Tuesday. I'm ill :( So I have been lying in the couch most of the day watching movies and I don't have any appetite, but maybe that's good though, a little diet. And my head feels like it's going to burst any second now.

But enough with the feeling-bad-talk! I really love the blog what-do-i-wear on Tumblr. She posts a lot of inspiring pictures for all around the web, like the pics above. So when my inspiration is zero it is great to visit that blog, check it out yourself! :)


Come together and join the parade

Inspiring swedish musicians.

source-google. Robyn. Loreen. September. Laleh. Lisa Miskovsky. Lykke Li. Rebecca & Fiona x2. Sahara Hotnights. Melissa Horn.


This week.

I've had a great week, and I hope you have too!
Pic 1: Cupcakeparty with the girls! Cupcakes was all I had for dinner that night.
Pic 2: My favorite silver nailpolish, it works with everything.
Pic 3: Twilight event in Stockholm, it was so cool seeing Robert Pattinson! He is so cute and it was totally crazy when all of the girls screamed at the same time, but also a lot of fun! And one surprise that night was that Nause were there playing, they are great!
Pic 4: Chinese food is the best food ever.
Pic 5: Mudcake with my best friend, yum!