This week.

I've had a great week, and I hope you have too!
Pic 1: Cupcakeparty with the girls! Cupcakes was all I had for dinner that night.
Pic 2: My favorite silver nailpolish, it works with everything.
Pic 3: Twilight event in Stockholm, it was so cool seeing Robert Pattinson! He is so cute and it was totally crazy when all of the girls screamed at the same time, but also a lot of fun! And one surprise that night was that Nause were there playing, they are great!
Pic 4: Chinese food is the best food ever.
Pic 5: Mudcake with my best friend, yum!

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  1. These looks delicious. We're a bit hungry already and these photos aggravates our hunger. :)

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  2. Nice nail colour!


  3. ooh i do love that silver nail polish!


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